Practice Areas

The practice areas identified on this page are intended to be an illustrative, but not an exhaustive list of areas of practice. Please let Mr. Miller know if your legal needs do not readily fall into one of the listed categories and he will be glad to either assist you or in some instances, provide you with references as needed. The firm most often provides services in the following areas:

Business Formation and Maintenance:

Formation and maintenance of all forms of businesses, from the simple to the complex, including sole proprietorships, assumed names, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies.


Collecting outstanding debts through negotiation, litigation, settlement agreements and enforcement of judgments.

Consumer Protection Law:

Consultation and enforcement of consumer rights under laws such as the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.


Negotiating, drafting, interpreting and enforcing contracts for individuals and businesses.


Expertise and experience in numerous facets of labor and employment law, including litigation to enforce the contract rights and civil rights of both employees and employers.

Estate Planning:

Preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, medical directives, funeral directions, and gift distributions to your loved ones, in order to most effectively and efficiently transfer assets to them while maintaining the privacy of your personal affairs.


Counsel and negotiations in transactional work and litigation involving insurance companies.

Landlord and Tenant:

Representing landlords and tenants in residential and commercial lease transactions, both in the creation of lease and land contract arrangements and in litigation enforcing the rights of our clients.


Admission of wills or trusts to probate as well as assistance to the personal representative throughout the probate process.

Personal Property Law:

Maintaining your rights in personal property ownership and use, both in planned transactions and litigation.

Real Estate/Real Property Law:

Assistance in all aspects of buying, selling, leasing and owning real property, both residential and commercial.


Experienced representation of shippers, carriers, brokers and third parties involved in freight logistics and transportation matters including loss and damage claims, licensing, safety qualification, purchasing, selling and transferring authority, preparing contracts and other documents required for freight transportation, as well as civil litigation related to all aspects of transportation.

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